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best way pomegranate seed removal


 Everyone knows that pomegranates are rich in nutrients, and their vitamin C content is much higher than that of apples and pears. Every September to October are the days of pomegranate harvest. At this time, eating 1 or 2 pomegranates every day should be very happy. Things have happened, but "pomegranates are delicious and difficult to peel", this problem should be sad for many friends. Now I will share with you my experience of the best way pomegranate seed removal.

First, we should wash the whole pomegranate and distinguish the top and bottom. The bottom is the end that is knotted on the tree, and the other end is the top. I will peel the pomegranate from the top. Place the pomegranate side on the chopping board and cut the pomegranate 2-3cm from the top. With the cut end facing up, use the tip of a knife to gently gouge out the seedless part in the middle. After cutting, pay attention to observe, you will see that there are strips of thin skins in the middle of the pomegranate seeds, use the tip of the knife to gently cut the pomegranate skin toward the bottom along the intersection of the thin skin and the pomegranate skin.

Finally, break open the pomegranate with your hands from the middle of the pomegranate, and then remove the thin skin and outer pomegranate skin on each petal, and you will get clean and complete pomegranate seeds. Eating directly or juicing is a great experience.

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