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Cassava is a plant of the Euphorbiaceae cassava genus. It is drought-resistant and barren-resistant. It is widely planted in more than 100 countries or regions in Africa, America and Asia. The six major food crops, known as the "king of starch", are the rations for nearly 600 million people in the world. In addition, cassava has excellent characteristics such as rough growth and easy growth, easy cultivation, high yield and four seasons harvesting.

Cassava is a very delicious food. Generally, it is the most suitable for breakfast. Its sugar content is relatively high. Its derivative cassava flour is generally used to make ingredients for pastries and desserts. It is very simple to peel cassava, just cut off its skin with a knife. Be careful when using a knife here.

Cassava is divided into bitter cassava and sweet cassava. Sweet cassava has a very low toxin content, and bitter cassava contains linamarin, which produces a nerve agent-hydrocyanic acid under the action of gastric acid. Sweet cassava needs to be peeled off, washed and cooked before eating. The bitter cassava must be detoxified before cooking. There is a risk of poisoning if you eat cassava raw or if you eat it undercooked. Folks say that eating cassava will be intoxicating, but it is actually a slight poisoning.

The roots, stems and leaves of cassava contain toxic substances. If you eat raw or undercooked cassava or drink its soup, it can cause poisoning. Its toxins can cause nerve paralysis and even permanent paralysis. However, the cassava flour that is officially sold on the market has undergone "detoxification" treatment.

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