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Healthy beverages are gaining popularity


Since the development of beverages, many people have rejected them from the unique flavor at the beginning. There must be many stories in it. Faced with the temptation of kinds of drinks, people gradually began to accept beverages and became so crazy about them that they could not extricate themselves. Some people who like to drink beverages even regard it as the main drinking water for three meals a day, whether it is before meals. Or after a meal, no matter what time of day, I will have a cup. We all know that the main reason why drinks are good is that "sugar" plays a role. Sweet drinks are exciting and pleasant, and people are more and more inseparable from it. Over time, some high blood sugar, diabetes and even some other diseases will follow. At this time, healthy beverages are also being developed slowly, and are slowly being introduced to the public.
Nowadays, many beverages are slowly becoming healthier. In order to adapt to the current weight loss and health care groups, many beverages have also begun to have zero sugar, or replace the previous white sugar with xylitol. So what is the 0-calorie-0-sugar beverage like now? What kind of drinks are there?

0-calorie and 0-sugar beverages refer to beverages with 0 calories and 0 sugar. Most of their sweetness comes from sweeteners, and their calories are lower than those of high-sugar beverages. But it's not entirely healthy either. Internationally, it has been found that the intake of sweeteners will have some adverse effects on the human body's glucose tolerance and blood lipid metabolism. Experts recommend that you drink more than 1.5 liters of water every day, and don't drink too much 0-calorie and 0-sugar beverages.
Therefore, the "0 sugar" labelled on the beverage is not sugar-free in the real sense. Generally speaking, the beverages we see on the market now include sugar-free beverages such as soda water, xylitol beverages, and tea beverages. Sugar-free beverages refer to sugars that do not contain sucrose, that is, starch hydrolyzed, such as glucose, maltose, etc. Generally, sweeteners such as sugar alcohols and oligosaccharides that do not increase blood sugar concentration are used as sugar substitutes. Such as green tea, scented tea, oolong tea, barley tea, etc. in tea beverages.

Among sugar-free beverages, tea beverages are the most recommended. Tea beverages do not contain sugar unless sucrose is added. In addition, tea is rich in glutamic acid that prevents aging and aspartic acid that improves immunity, which is beneficial to the body.
Sugar-free foods generally refer to sweet foods that do not contain sucrose (cane sugar and beet sugar), glucose, maltose, fructose, etc., but sugar-free foods should contain sugar alcohols, including xylitol, sorbitol, maltitol, mannitol, etc. replacement of.

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