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How to Shell a Coconut?


Summer is coming, and all kinds of cold drinks and soft drinks will become popular commodities; and if you are traveling, or in a city by the sea, coconut juice is a natural summer drink. obvious effect. But many people throw away the heavy coconut shell after drinking coconut milk, which is really a waste, because the coconut meat in the coconut shell is more delicious.

Some people will say that although coconut meat is nutritious, the coconut shell is so hard that it cannot be opened without special tools. The coconut opener sold is basically for drinking coconut juice, but cannot open the coconut shell. In fact, although the coconut shell is hard, it also has its own "defects". As long as we find the key point, we can easily open the coconut shell. Let me teach you how to peel the coconut shell.

The coconuts we buy sometimes have the outer skin, and this skin is relatively soft. We can first cut this skin off with a knife, and it feels like cutting a radish until the inner hard shell is exposed. That's it. At this time, we can see the three ridges exposed on the head of the coconut. We use the back of the knife to cut down the three ridges vertically. The force does not need to be too strong. Next, you only need to cut one or two circles according to the size of the circle you want. Be careful not to rush, and pay attention to the safety of the hand holding the knife. If you want the coconut lid to be larger, the circle should be larger, and the lid should be smaller, the circle should be smaller. After one or two laps, the miracle will happen, you will find that the shell in the middle has been raised. The coconut cap can be easily removed by simply prying or uncovering the small circle of shells in the middle with a knife or hand.

Is it more convenient than expected?

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