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Puree, by its name, is the slushy fluid form of fruit. It is mainly used for the raw materials of fresh fruit juice. The production process is as follows: in the factory, the fruit is cleaned, peeled, cored, and slag removed, pressed into mud, and quickly frozen. When eating, thaw it, add purified water and stir.

In Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, fruit puree is mainly used in catering, hotels and street juice bars as raw juice raw materials or as cocktail preparation in bars, etc. In China, it is mainly used in fruit milk preparation, fruit juice beverage preparation and other fields.

Fruit puree is also a kind of baby food supplement. Usually, when feeding the baby, you can mix the puree with purified water, add other complementary food, or eat it directly. There are many types of common baby purees, such as peach puree, pumpkin puree, apple puree, and many mixed fruit purees or fruit and vegetable purees, such as apple pumpkin red date puree.

Most of the fruit juices on the market are artificially blended with fruit powder, concentrated juice, and essence. Drinking such fruit juices will bring health risks to the human body. Although most bottled juices contain the above additives, they all have strict dosage control. However, it is difficult to control the dosage of artificially blended juices because of manual operation, which often causes the content of additives to exceed the standard. Regular drinking will cause varying degrees of damage to the human body. damage. The process used in fruit puree does not need to add any preservatives, flavors, pigments and other chemicals. The fundamental difference is that puree is another form of fruit; while concentrated juice, puree, etc. are all artificially manipulated, resulting in the loss of added or nutritious taste. So puree will be more hygienic, nutritious and healthy. It is more suitable for supplementing vitamins to infants, children and the elderly.

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