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What kind of drink is fruit wine?


Seeing all kinds of beverages in the supermarket, do you feel that it is difficult to choose? There are more and more types of drinks, and more innovative beverages are being developed. The drinks we used to drink were simple, soda, juice, milk, etc. Now with the continuous update and development of food machinery, all kinds of ingredients that can be used to make beverages are being utilized and updated. Vegetables can also be used as drinks now, that is, all kinds of fruit and vegetable juice drinks, which are gradually accepted and loved by modern people. Of course, there is also a fruit wine that is very popular among young people.
Speaking of fruit wine, in fact, we have seen a lot of it. Most of the wines that we drank at the beginning were wines. The degree of alcohol was not very high, and it also has the effect of beauty and beauty. Therefore, mature women love it, and many men also like it. Wine It's a symbol of romance.
Nowadays, there are more types of fruit wines, such as peach, mulberry, milk raisin, green apple, cranberry, lemon, passion fruit, strawberry and other fruits. The fruit wine also has a unique flavor.

Nutritional value of fruit wine
Fruit wine is a healthy and nutritious wine produced by using fresh fruit as raw material, and using natural fermentation or artificial addition of alcohol mother bacteria to decompose sugar while preserving the original nutrients of the fruit. With its unique flavor and color, fruit wine has become a new consumer fashion.

Fruit wine is clear and transparent, sweet and sour, mellow and pure without peculiar smell, and has the unique aroma of the original fruit. Fruit wines often drunk in summer include cherry wine, lychee wine, plum wine, peach wine, wine, mango wine, longan wine, pitaya wine Wait. Compared with other wines such as liquor and beer, fruit wine has higher nutritional value. Fruit wine contains a large amount of polyphenols, which can inhibit the accumulation of fat in the human body. It contains various amino acids and vitamins B1, B2, vitamin c, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and other mineral elements, although fruit wine contains alcohol, but the content is very low compared with liquor and wine, generally 5 to 10 degrees, the highest is only 14 degrees, drink fruit wine properly It is good for health.

Taking apple cider as an example, it is brewed by selecting high-quality apples as raw materials, which preserves the nutritional and health benefits of apples, and contains a variety of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and organic acids necessary for the human body. Promotes digestion, relaxes tendons and activates blood, and has the effect of beauty and fitness.

So no matter what kind of fruit wine, the fruit must be pre-treated first. Such as fruit selection, cleaning, softening, beating, sterilization and so on. This requires the use of a lot of industrial fruit and vegetable processing equipment. For example, fruit sorting machines and fruit washing machines are commonly used equipment for processing fruits. So what are their characteristics? Today we will give a brief introduction.

Fruit grading We introduce a roller grader today, which is used for the fruit inspection process during the transportation of fruit and vegetable raw materials with a similar shape. The machine frame is welded and formed by stainless steel profiles, and the roller parts are composed of special short-axis stainless steel chains and stainless steel polished seamless steel pipes or plastic pipes. It has the characteristics of reasonable design, high fruit selection efficiency and convenient use.

The washing machine we are introducing today is a surfing washing machine. Under the combined work of air bubbles, surfing, lifting, and spraying, it has the characteristics of high cleaning, energy saving and water saving. The rinse water is filtered and recycled, and it has its own lift for easy connection. The surfing washing machine is a special machine for cleaning fruits and vegetables by the pressure of the water pump to make the water produce strong stirring movement, so that the material tumbles in the water, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning fruits and vegetables.

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