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A brief introduction to seven types of drink


There are many types of drink in today's era, and the classification can also be divided according to different forms. For example, it can be divided into alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and according to raw materials, it can be divided into fruit beverages, milk beverages, vegetable beverages, mineral beverages, carbonated beverages and so on. It can also be divided into various forms by function. So today we will introduce a few different types of drinks. Everyone will understand at a glance.
Vegetable protein beverages: soybeans are purified, ground, and residue removed, with (or without) flavoring agents (sugar, milk, coffee, cocoa, fruit and vegetable juices, colorants and flavors, etc.), sterilized, deodorized, homogenized, etc. beverages made later. Because it contains nutrients such as vegetable protein, it has the unique flavor of soy milk products.
Natural mineral water: those that meet the relevant requirements and hygienic quality standards, have a good taste when drinking, and have a unique and suitable taste. Contains beneficial micro
Elements such as iron, copper, zinc, iodine, manganese, fluorine, etc. Certain harmful elements contained in mineral water need to be removed after treatment, and they are allowed to be marketed after meeting the requirements of national standards. The purified water and distilled water on the market today are water drinks that differ from natural mineral water: hygienic standards.

Sports drink: This is a drink developed for sports. It can supplement the sodium, potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates lost by sweating during intense exercise, and relieve the consumption caused by fatigue and rising body temperature. This drink is also suitable for labor-intensive types of work, as well as those who work hard and sweat a lot in hot summer.
Solid beverages: products made from sugar (or without sugar), fruit juice (or without fruit juice), plant extracts and other ingredients, which are processed into powder, granule or block after being dissolved and consumed. Such as instant coffee, malted milk essence, chrysanthemum products, Xia Sang Ju powder and herbal tea solid beverages. Such drinks are easy to carry, suitable for storage, easy to drink, and have unique flavor.

Alcoholic beverages: the more common ones are beer and sparkling wine (containing 3-5 degrees of alcohol). Beer is divided into fresh beer and cooked beer. Beer is a beverage made from malt as the main raw material, rice, millet, etc. as auxiliary materials, adding hops, and fermented by yeast. Because malt is rich in protein, it can be directly absorbed after saccharification into amino acids; sugar is fermented to generate alcohol and carbon dioxide, which is helpful for digestion and helps the body dissipate heat; hops have antibacterial, diuretic and sedative effects.
Other beverages: such as health beverages (mainly fortified with nutrients and other substances), tea beverages (including various cold tea beverages), herbal tea beverages (such as Xia Sangju, Wanglaoji beverages) and various cold beverages, etc. The development of beverages is changing with each passing day, and there are many varieties. This article will only give a brief introduction and will not repeat them.

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