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     There are two types of almonds: sweet almonds and bitter almonds. It is native to Central Asia, West Asia and the Mediterranean region, and is introduced to warm temperate regions. The almonds produced in southern my country are sweet almonds, with a slightly sweet and delicate taste. They are mostly used for food. They can also be added to cakes, cookies and dishes as raw materials. It has a certain relieving effect on symptoms such as dry cough without phlegm, lung deficiency and chronic cough.

    The almonds produced in the north are bitter almonds, with a bitter taste, which are used for medicinal purposes. They have the effects of moisturizing the lungs and relieving asthma.

    The almond fruit grows on short spurs and has an immature appearance. When the fruit ripens, its green husk cracks open to reveal a nucleolus encased in a rough husk that is yellow with many small holes and a hard woody husk. The almond fruit is flat oval, rounded at one end and pointed at the other, covered with a thin brown skin. The kernel contains 20% protein and does not contain starch. After grinding and pressing, the oil squeezed out is about half of its own weight. Almond oil is light yellow. Although it has no fragrance, it has the effect of softening the skin and beautifying.

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