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Apple juice is an inexpensive health-improving drink and a source of soluble and insoluble fiber. There are two types of apple juice: cloudy apple juice and clear apple juice. Their basic process is the same, except that cloudy apple juice uses a homogenization step, while clear apple juice uses a clarifying filtration step.

Apple juice will accelerate intestinal peristalsis. If the intestinal peristalsis is abnormal, apple juice will produce gas in the intestinal tract. If the intestines are stimulated by food, you can drink ordinary apple juice or a mixture of concentrated fruit juice and water to reduce the irritation. We can make our own apple juice at home, but drink it right after making it.

Apple is a natural antioxidant food that can reduce the risk of metabolic diseases caused by oxidation, and to a certain extent, play a role in preventing diseases such as coronary disease, immune system loss, asthma and diabetes. Freshly squeezed apple juice is rich in nutrients and beneficial to health, and is one of the important sources of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals for the human body. Apple juice is a powerful cleanser that is important for good health. Cleans the digestive tract and promotes food digestion.

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