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Are Fruits Nutritious After Juicing?


Fruits are sweet and nutritious, and regular consumption of fruits is beneficial to human health. Many people like to drink fruit after juicing, especially in summer, drinking a cup of sweet juice is more comfortable. But there are also some people who think that the fruit is not nutritious after being juiced. Is squeezed juice nutritious?
1. Is squeezed juice nutritious?
Juice is nutritious. Freshly squeezed juice is made from fresh fruit, which is rich in nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, cellulose and various trace elements. Drinking some fresh juice every day can enhance the body's immunity, promote the body's metabolism, and lighten skin spots, and can also supplement the various nutrients the body needs.
However, from a nutritional point of view, eating fresh fruit has higher nutritional value than drinking fruit juice. This is because the fruit will filter out part of the pomace during the extraction process. These pomace are rich in dietary fiber, pectin, and carotene, resulting in nutrient loss.
In addition, it is often necessary to squeeze more than one fruit to produce a cup of juice, which leads to the high sugar content in the juice. If you drink it regularly, it may lead to an increase in blood sugar, which is not conducive to blood sugar control. Therefore, it is recommended to eat fresh fruit at ordinary times, and it is not recommended to often squeeze fruit into juice for drinking.
Second, how to squeeze juice can retain its nutrients
Before squeezing the juice, you can scald the fruit with boiling water to make the fruit softer and easier to produce juice, so that the squeezed juice will be brighter in color and retain more nutrients. If it is an orange fruit, it is not recommended to remove the white mesh layer when juicing. The white mesh layer of the orange is rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, which have high nutritional value. After juicing, there will be a layer of foam on the surface of the juice. This layer of foam does not need to be removed. It should be drunk as soon as possible to avoid loss of nutrients. The foam floating on the juice is rich in enzymes, which help to fight inflammation and antibacterial after drinking, and enhance the body's immunity.

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