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Bananas are one of the special products in my country. Because of their unique aroma and flavor, bananas in my country are welcomed by domestic and foreign markets. Bananas are one of the most popular fruit crops and it is also a source of income for farmers. At present, due to the poor preservation technology and equipment conditions of bananas, the decay rate of bananas is very high, which is not conducive to large-scale storage and transportation. This has resulted in prosperous production and slow sales in many places. Regarding processed banana products, Guangdong is the only manufacturer of dehydrated banana chips, and the annual export volume reaches more than 100 tons.

   Our processing of bananas into different products may mean additional income for banana growers. Bananas can be processed into banana powder, banana jam, dried banana flowers, banana chips, banana wine, banana vinegar, banana figs, banana jam, banana peel sauce, banana peel vinegar and banana ketchup.

  Today we will talk about how to process banana chips. Bananas used to make banana chips should be fully ripe, free of pests and rot. Wash, peel, slice, rinse the bananas in clean water, peel and cut into 0.5-1 cm thick slices. Then press the ratio of 10 bananas, 1 milk powder, and 5 water. First mix the milk powder with water, pour it into the banana slices, stir well, so that all the banana slices can stick to the milk powder. Subsequently, the banana slices are put into a roaster and heated to 80-100° C. to be dehydrated. When the moisture content of the banana slices is 16% to 18%, the banana slices can be taken out from the container. The baked banana chips are then deep-fried in 130-150 ℃ vegetable oil until brown, and the pan is crispy and fragrant "banana chips". Finally, it is graded and packaged according to color and size.

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