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Belt type carrot Juicing machine

    model DYJ-3 DYJ-5 DYJ-10 DYJ-20    
    production capacity 1-3 3-5 5-10 10-20    
    Filter band linear velocity 5 5.7 7.95 6.3    
    Main drive speed 11 9.5 11 8.2    
    main motor power 1.5 3 4 5.5    
    Flushing pump power 11 7.5 15 30    
    Flushing pump flow 50 16 16 32    
    Flush pump head 32 94 189 378    
    Reflux pump power 2.2 5.5 5.5 5.5    
    Reflux pump flow rate 12.5 25 25 25    
    Return pump head 20 32 32 32    
    Distributing wheel power   0.37 0.37 0.37    
    Compressed air consumption 1m3/h    
    compressed air pressure 0.6MPa    
    Inlet height 1160 1840 2045 1920    
    Squeeze with size 7780×800 11170× 1200 14300×1750 16800×2500    
    boundary dimension 3100×1475×1820 3940×2085×2430 5000×2780×2560 5420×3430×2420    
Drum diameter and effective length  The larger the drum diameter is, the longer the effective length is, the larger the effective settlement area is, the larger the processing capacity is, and the longer the residence time of the material in the drum is, the larger the separation factor is and the better the separation effect is at the same speed.  However, limited by the material, the diameter of the centrifuge drum can not be increased without limit, because with the increase of the diameter of the maximum allowable speed will be reduced with the reduction of the material firmness, so that the centrifugal force is also reduced accordingly.  Usually the diameter of the drum is between 200 ~ 1000mm, and the length-diameter ratio is between 3 ~ 4.  Now the development of centrifugal sludge dewaterer tends to be high speed of the trend of large length-diameter ratio, this equipment is more able to adapt to the treatment of low concentration of sludge, mud cake degree is better.  In addition, under the same capacity, the centrifuge with large drum diameter can run at a lower differential speed, because the screw slag transport capacity of large drum diameter is larger. To achieve the same slag transport capacity, the centrifuge with small drum diameter must rely on improving the differential speed.  Half cone Angle of drum  When the sediment inside the drum of the belt juicer is pushed to the outlet along the cone end of the drum, it is affected by the backflow force of downward slippage due to the centrifugal force.  Drum half cone Angle is an important parameter in centrifuge design.  In terms of clarification effect, the cone Angle is required to be as large as possible;  In terms of slag transport and dehydration effect, the cone Angle is required to be as small as possible.  As slag transport is a necessary condition for normal operation of centrifuge, the optimum design must first satisfy the slag transport condition.  For difficult to separate materials such as activated sludge half cone Angle is generally less than 6 degrees, in order to reduce the reflux rate of sediment.  For ordinary general materials, the half cone Angle within 10 degrees can ensure the smooth transportation of sediment.
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