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Tomato, also known as tomato. The fruit of tomato is rich in nutrients and has a special flavor. Can be eaten raw, cooked, processed in ketchup, juice or canned whole. The edible part of the tomato is the juicy berry. According to the shape of the fruit, it can be divided into round, oblate, oblong, and pointed round; according to the color of the peel, there are red, pink, orange-red and yellow. .

It seems that we use tomatoes a lot in many dishes. Cooking with tomatoes usually requires dicing. Especially when dicing, the more juice flows, how can we cut beautiful tomatoes without juice? In fact, cutting tomatoes is tricky. Today we will show you the best way to cut tomatoes without juice Share with everyone. With a little practice, dicing tomatoes is quick and easy.

Wash the tomatoes. Before dicing, the tomatoes must be rinsed under the tap to remove dirt and dust. A small spoon or a teaspoon in a measuring spoon can be used to remove the stems of tomatoes. Just insert the tip of a spoon into the top of the tomato, scoop out the stem and throw it away. Cut the tomatoes in half. Hold the tomatoes with one hand and cut the tomatoes with a sharp knife with the other hand. Starting at the bottom, cut the tomatoes in roughly equal halves along the center line. Slice each tomato half. Lay the half of the tomato cut-side down on the cutting board. Next, make a few vertical cuts across the tomatoes. Dice the tomato slices crosswise. Turn the tomatoes horizontally and continue to make a few more vertical cuts to cut into small squares.

The place where the tomato is sunken is where the tomato meridian grows. So cut along the sunken meridian, you will not cut the juice.

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