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Speaking of blanching fruits, there must be many people who have questions about blanching? Blanching is an important step in the processing of fruits and vegetables. The blanching process can passivate enzymes that have an adverse effect on product quality, reduce the number of microorganisms, and remove oxygen from tissues in preparation for further processing. The passivation of some oxidases is beneficial to the preservation of vitamins in the product, but the loss of vitamins in blanching is relatively large, mainly due to oxidation and loss of dissolved water, followed by thermal degradation.

The primary goal of blanching is to inactivate certain enzymes in the food. The primary objective is to obtain storage stability so that some enzymes do not retain their activity in refrigerated, frozen or dehydrated foods. Secondly, the blanching treatment is sufficient to reduce the vegetative cells of microorganisms and kill some bacterial microorganisms, especially those remaining on the surface of the product. It is also believed that blanching removes the air between the cells of the fruit or vegetable, which is very beneficial for canned products prior to sealing. The final blanching enhances the color of most fruits and vegetables.

So what are the ways to heat it?

◆ It is heated by saturated steam and cooled by cold air with saturated humidity

◆ Adopt saturated steam heating, cooling water spray cooling

◆ It is heated by saturated steam and cooled by flowing water

◆ It is heated by hot water and cooled by cold air with saturated humidity

◆ Use hot water for heating and flowing water for cooling

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