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Everyone must be very fond of coconut water, not only children, young people, but also the elderly. This kind of nutritious and delicious coconut water, of course, needs a good juicer to make the coconut water more pure and rich. Our company has excellent supply of coconut juicer equipment, welcome friends from all walks of life to visit us!

So how does a coconut juicer make juice? How does it work? Now let's find out. The pulp, juice and peel enter the coconut juice extractor through the hopper, and the screw pitch decreases with the increase of the bottom diameter of the screw in the direction of slag discharge. When the material is pushed by the screw, the volume of the screw cavity is reduced, resulting in the extrusion of the material. The rotation direction of the screw spindle is clockwise from the feed hopper to the slag chute. The raw material is added to the feed hopper and squeezed by the screw. The squeezed juice enters the juice rack at the bottom through the filter screen, and the waste is discharged through the annular gap formed by the screw and the pressure regulating cone.

The size of the gap can be determined by the axial direction of the pressure regulating head. exercise to adjust. Use clockwise (from the slag discharge tank of the equipment to the handwheel bearing seat at the end of the feeding hopper, the pressure regulating head is on the left side, and the gap is reduced; if the gap is too small, some slag particles and juice will be squeezed out through the filter screen together with the juice. Although the juice has increased, the quality of the juice has relatively decreased, and the size of the gap should depend on the specific process requirements of the user, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic separation of the juice residue.

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