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It is still very troublesome to want to eat some fruits with unique taste and high nutrition, such as coconut, coconut milk and coconut meat contain a lot of protein, fructose, glucose, sucrose, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium Wait. The coconut flesh is white as jade, fragrant, smooth and crisp; the coconut milk is cool and sweet. Coconut meat and coconut juice are delicious fruits for all ages. Coconut shell is very hard, it is very troublesome to peel off, and it is not easy to peel it off. If people who have not eaten it do not know how to open coconut, they can't wait to send it into their mouth when they see it, but how to open coconut? What are the leather tools? Let's be anxious, and there are tricks to peeling coconut shells, let's teach you the tricks of peeling coconut shells.

    The thick shell of the coconut should be cut down with a large knife (hatch knife or a large kitchen knife) along the fiber. There are three scars on the coconut. Two of them look the same, and one is different. Scrape the surface of the same scar with a knife, and see that there are three scars on the coconut, two of which look the same, and one that is different. Scrape the surface of the different scars with a knife, and then insert a straw.

You can also cut a cross at the tip of the coconut with force, and then use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry it inside along the gap, and pry it in little by little. Continue until stripped. After peeling it off, pry out or push in or cut off the plug-like thing at the tip, and pour out the water inside.

Taste coconut generally depends on where you are from, Hainan local people generally like tender coconut. When the coconut is tender, coconut water is generally not very sweet and slightly sour, but after drinking the water, it is directly cut in half with a large knife, and its translucent pulp can be seen. Generally, foreign tourists think that this kind of pulp will not taste delicious, but it is not. The fresh and tender coconut flesh needs to be taken out with a metal spoon (you can take it out directly by scooping it out). And foreign tourists generally only know that the pulp has matured and thickness.

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