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    Name Technical indexes    
    Production capacity
    Equipped with power 2.2Kw
    Transfer speed
    Dimensions 3300×820×2500mm

This machine is suitable for halving coconuts. The machine is compact in design, low in noise and easy to use, and is made of stainless steel as a whole.
The machine is mainly composed of frame, conveyor chain, juice hopper, slag hopper, dial frame, transmission reducer and other important components.
Its main working principle: After manually placing the coconut on the baffle plate of the conveyor chain, it is driven by the driving shaft to move upward, and at the same time, the dial frame runs along with it. Under the interaction of various transmission parts, the conveyor chain continuously rotates. , and slowly lift the coconut to the bottom of the dial. The top of the machine is equipped with a fixed blade, so that the coconut is cut in half under the action of the mutual force between the blade and the dial. The juice flows into the juice hopper, and the half-cut coconut shells fall into the hoppers on both sides.

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