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Jujube is rich in nutrients, supplements the human body with multiple nutrients, iron and blood, beauty and beauty, and anti-aging. It is suitable for all kinds of people to eat. And it is sweet and delicious, whether it is eaten directly or baked with porridge and soy milk, it is delicious. Jujube puree is a kind of food processing product. It is made by removing the pits of red dates and using a fruit machine to make them into mud.

So what should jujube paste do?

First, clean the red dates and soak them for a long time. This step is mainly to soften the red dates, which is convenient for the next step to remove the core. After removing the core of the red dates, put the jujube flesh into the pot. It can be cut with a knife or peeled by hand, remove the jujube core, and add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, preferably just enough to cover the red dates. Select the cooking program of the rice cooker, cook for one hour, without a rice cooker, it is the same to cook it in other pots.

This step is mainly to make the red dates softer and easier to make into a fine jujube paste in the next step. Of course, if the food processor or wall breaker at home is powerful enough to break the dry and hard ingredients, you can also omit this step. One step, beat directly without cooking. After the program is over, you will get soft and rotten jujube meat. Those who are willing to sieve can sieve below, it will be more delicate. Put the soft and rotten jujube meat into the food processor, and add some water as appropriate. Because it is too dry, it is difficult to beat. As for how much water you add, it depends on the water level requirements of your food processor. If the food processor is strong enough, it can be used whether it is wet or dry. Crushing can also be done without adding water, it always depends on the limit that your home cooking machine can withstand.

In this way, the jujube paste is completed, and the red dates can be stored in a different way.

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