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Jujubes contain fruits and seeds. Are red dates seeds the seeds of red dates? The pit of red dates is the seeds, and the pulp of red dates is the fruit. Jujube is an angiosperm, and the seeds are wrapped by the fruit. And red dates are rich in nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, a variety of trace calcium and amino acids.

Dried jujube seeds cannot germinate. The so-called dried red dates are sun-dried, or red dates that have been treated at high temperature. After the treatment, the seeds inside will not germinate, and they will not germinate when they are planted. If you want to sow and raise seedlings, you must choose fresh red dates with high maturity. The seeds contain more water and nutrients, so that the emergence rate will be higher after planting. In addition, pay attention to seedling methods.

First of all, carefully select the jujubes with jujube pits from a pile of relatively high-quality red dates, and then directly remove the pits and leave the jujube kernels. This is the most basic preparation. Then, soak the red jujube seeds in a plate of warm water, preferably for two days, then put them in a cool place, cover them directly with a dry cloth, and try to keep the temperature as warm as possible. The second is to cover the seeds with soil, and pour water to the seeds every day, so as to wait for the jujube seeds to germinate, but it is best to cover the seeds with film, which will better allow the seeds to germinate. Then, after waiting for a week, the soil can be uncovered, so that some sprouted seeds will emerge. At this time, the germination is successful.

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