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fruit pre-boling machine

    Name LYJ-2 LYJ-5    
    Production capacity 1-2 2-5    
    Pre-boiled water temperature 85-100 85-100    
    Pre-cooking time 2-10 2-10    
    Motor Power 1.5 3    
    Spiral diameter 500 800    
    Dimensions 6000×900×1650 6000×1200×1950    

The machine is spiral propulsion type continuous softening processing equipment, fruit before beating in order to improve the fruit pulp rate and pulp quality, prevent Browning, must be softened. The role of the pre-cooking machine is to wash the fruit, cooking and softening, by adjusting the speed to change the pre-cooking time to adapt to the softening of different fruits and vegetables: 1, destroy the activity of the enzyme, to prevent Browning and pectin fresh; 2. Soften pulp tissue for pulp beating and sugar penetration; 3. Make the pectin dissolve out of the pulp tissue to facilitate the processing of the next procedure.

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