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Fruit pulp refers to a juice-containing, unfermented pulp-like product made from fruit or edible parts of fruit through a beating process. Or a product obtained by adding the natural equal amount of water lost during the concentration process to the concentrated pulp, such as banana puree, mango puree, etc.

Fruit pulp is divided into the following two categories according to the concentration:
(1) Raw pulp: refers to the pulping process that processes the edible parts of fruits or fruits into unfermented but fermentable pulp, which has the color, flavor and soluble solid content of the original fruit pulp.
(2) Concentrated fruit pulp: refers to a product that has the characteristics of fruit pulp by removing a certain proportion of natural water from the pulp by physical methods.
In addition, the product with the color, flavor and soluble solid content of the original fruit pulp is also called pulp by adding water equal to the natural moisture lost by the pulp to the concentrated pulp.
Fruit pulp can be divided into many types according to the different raw materials used, such as apple pulp, peach pulp, mango pulp, papaya pulp, kiwi fruit pulp, banana pulp and so on.

Production Process
The production process of fruit pulp is roughly as follows: selection → peeling → rinsing → color protection → pre-cooking → pitting and beating → color protection → rubber grinding → deployment → sterilization → aseptic bulk packaging → cooling → storage.
Application field
Fruit pulp has achieved unprecedented success as a raw material for snack foods and soft drinks.
Fruit pulp can be used as a raw material for soft drinks; it can be used to make sauces, jams and other foods for seasoning; it can be used to make wine; it can also be directly used to make fruit cakes, sandwich chocolate, fruit ice cream, etc. It is widely loved by young people snack food.
In addition to being used as a raw material for food and soft drinks, fruit pulp can also be used to produce wallpaper, shampoo, shower gel, etc., and has a wide range of uses.

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