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how to clean dragon fruit?


Dragon fruit, also known as jade dragon fruit, red dragon fruit, auspicious fruit, etc. It has a peculiar shape, wrapped in red peel, and evenly grows half-red and half-green fleshy scales in the shape of dragon scales that stretch upwards like a burning flame. Dragon fruit belongs to the cactus family and is a tropical fruit native to the tropical desert regions of Central America. Currently, it is planted on a certain scale in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and other places in my country, and has become one of the common fruits in people's homes.

So how to clean dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is sweet and juicy, very delicious. Sweet but not greasy, suitable for those who want to lose weight. First wipe the surface of the dragon fruit with a paper towel to make it clean. Cut off both ends of the dragon fruit with a knife, cut the dragon fruit lengthwise, and after cutting in half, cut each half again along the middle. You can cut into several small pieces according to the size, peel off the skin at the tip of the small piece with your fingertips, and then pull off the whole skin. If there is still a small amount of sticky part, you can gently remove it with a knife. If the pieces feel large, you can cut the peeled dragon fruit into small pieces again and eat.

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