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how to depit a mango?


Mango is a very delicious tropical fruit that is loved by all. But mango although delicious, but the skin is not easy to peel, some people because peeling is not convenient also lazy to eat.So how to depit a mango? Here are a few ways to peel mango. It's fast and convenient, and it won't be dirty.

First of all, the easiest and most convenient way is to cut the mango into three pieces, then use a knife to cut the sides of the mango without the stone, then turn the flesh over and eat it. The second way is to use a coin and massage the mango all over, scraping the skin with the edge of the coin. After scraping the whole mango, peel the skin by hand. You will find that the skin is no longer attached to the mango. It is very easy to peel and takes no time and effort.

Of course, if you want to drink fresh and delicious mango juice, you can also choose our double channel beater, which can be used to separate various stone fruits. For example, when playing mango juice, if the single channel core beater is selected, the flesh flows into the buffer tank from the discharge port, and the core is discharged from the slag. And choose to go to the core of the double beater, the first way to go to the core, two beat to achieve automatic separation of the core, peel and residue.

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