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how to eat coconut


Coconut is a kind of fruit that is especially common in Hainan, China. Many people like to buy two coconuts when they visit Hainan and drink the coconut water directly. In fact, the tropical fruit of coconut can be drunk directly except for the juice inside. The pulp in it can also be eaten by people, and there are many different ways to eat it. Today, I will give a detailed introduction to the consumption of coconut, so that everyone can learn more about how to eat coconut.

Lay the coconut on a sturdy surface so it won't break easily. Just use a household cutting board. Look for a soft eye on the coconut so that the iron rod or screwdriver can be inserted easily. If you don't have a soft eye, you can use a nail and hammer to cut a hole like that in the rough. Then drain the juices from the coconut into a bowl. This method can be used for drinking or cooking.

Coconut contains antioxidant ingredients, which can neutralize free radicals in contact with sunlight, promote metabolism, and promote blood circulation. The trace elements and minerals contained in coconut powder have a certain effect on preventing arthritis and heart disease. The nutrients contained in it can avoid the generation of dark spots and freckles, change the dull phenomenon of the skin due to poor blood circulation, and whiten the skin; it can promote the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, renew the old keratinocytes, and increase the The skin is smooth, the vitamin e it contains can maintain the youthful vitality of women, and the rich zinc can promote the development of girls.

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