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how to peel a sugar cane?


Winter is here, and it’s the season to eat sugar cane. There are sugar cane everywhere in fruit stalls. We know that sugar cane peels are not easy to go to, but we still see many people buying them home. This is because it is delicious and has many benefits. However, how to peel the sugar cane bought home has become a headache. How to peel the sugar cane?

We must have kitchen knives at home. We first washed the sugar cane and the kitchen knife with clean water, picked up a long sugar cane, faced the sharp point on the sugar cane joint to our face, and then put the paring knife on the edge Put it in the sugar cane closest to your hand and press the knife with your right hand. Then the paring knife is forced against the sharp corner, all the way along the bottom of the sugar cane, peeling while rotating. until all the cane peels are peeled off. Finally, cut off the diseased section of sugarcane with a kitchen knife, and it can be eaten. A sugar cane is already peeled.

If you just want to drink sweet sugarcane juice, you can also choose our double-roll juicer, the fruit does not need to be peeled or graded, and the juice can be directly squeezed, which is convenient and simple.

However, when we eat sugar cane, we should pay attention not to eat sugar cane on an empty stomach, it will cause diarrhea. Those with spleen and stomach deficiency can not eat it, it will hurt the spleen and stomach, especially the green sugar cane. Do not eat sugarcane with a yellow or red cross section after the incision. This kind of sugarcane smells musty and will be poisoned after eating, leading to insomnia or paralysis! ! ! Green-skin sugarcane cannot be eaten with foods that are warming and nourishing such as mutton and dog meat, which will weaken the effect of warming tonic.

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