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How to peel garlic in 10 seconds?


When it comes to peeling garlic, many people have tears in their eyes, because before the peeling is done, the garlic is already hot and can't open their eyes. In fact, peeling garlic doesn't take so much effort. Now that the Internet is so popular, many tips for peeling garlic can be found. Of course, many people are very smart, and the methods are indeed very easy to use. How to peel garlic in 10 seconds? So how do we do it at home? Here is how.

Method 1: Immersion method
Prepare a small bowl of water and soak the garlic cloves to be peeled in the water. In about half an hour, we will find that the skin of the garlic is separated from the flesh of the garlic, and then take them out and peel them off gently, and the garlic skin will come off.

Method 2: Press the method
Twist the old skin on the outer layer of the garlic vigorously, then put the garlic on a clean panel, pat it hard with the back of the knife, then pick up the scattered garlic cloves, and peel the garlic skin gently with your hands to fall off. 

Of course, there are definitely more than these ways to peel garlic quickly, so this is only for families. In fact, even in families now, many people have begun to use some garlic peeling tools to free their hands and not let themselves eyes suffer. Then, after using the garlic peeling tool, peeling garlic in 10 seconds is completely no problem. Of course, there are two kinds of garlic peelers, manual and electric, which are very easy to use. Small household appliances have such a big role, so of course industrial garlic peeling equipment is not a problem.

Large-scale garlic peeling equipment, garlic crusher, garlic peeling machine, garlic juicer, garlic grinder and other large-scale industrial equipment are also very good. The industrial squirrel cage crusher is very suitable for the crushing of vegetables such as garlic, ginger, yacon, tomato, water chestnut, pepper and other fruits as well as apples, dragon fruits, pears and other fruits.

The equipment has the advantages of novel and compact structure, energy saving and high efficiency, large production capacity and wide application range. Except for the transmission parts, the machine is all made of high-quality stainless steel, which can be used as a single machine and is convenient for connection. The equipment is mainly composed of frame, transmission cover, bearing seat, body, feed hopper, stator, rotor, blade, large side cover, discharge hopper, hinge, motor cover and other components. Suitable for crushing apples, pears, tomatoes, roots and other fruits and vegetables (except stone fruits). When working, the motor drives the main shaft to rotate. The material lifted from the previous process falls into the hopper. After the material enters the fuselage, the ribs on the rotor drive the material to rotate at a high speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, the knife row on the stator crushes the material (knife row). It can be used on both sides). At this time, the general particle size of the material is about 4-8mm (it can be determined according to the tooth pitch of the knife row, the slot width of the stator and the rotation speed), and the crushed material falls from the waist-shaped hole on the stator. Feed mouth. This is the working principle of the squirrel cage crusher for garlic.

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