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Instructions for use of fruit corer


I. Overview
This equipment is mainly used for the separation of stone fruit. For example: olives, green plums, plums, apricots, peaches, red dates, etc.
2. Components and working principle
The machine consists of transmission reducer, bearing seat, frame, feed hopper, transmission roller, separation plate, discharge hopper, nuclear discharge hopper and other components. Working principle: The material enters the pitting studio from the feeding hopper, and the rollers in the pitting chamber are provided with separation plates with different angles, so that the pulp of the fruit is separated from the pit. The separated pulp falls into the discharge hopper from the screen hole, and the fruit core is a spiral composed of several separation plates, which moves to the core and is discharged from the core hopper. The gap between the screen and the separation plate can be treated for trial. Depends on the size of the material core.

3. Use and maintenance
1. The installation must be firm and the rack should be kept level.
2. Before starting the machine, check whether the screws of each part are tightened.
3. Check whether the lubricating oil of the transmission reducer is normal. (For details, please refer to the instruction manual of the reducer)
4. Clean the inside and outside of the whole machine and check whether the rotating parts of the machine are flexible.
5. Turn on the power supply of the transmission reducer, check whether its rotation direction is consistent with the rotation direction indicator, and run it for 2 minutes. After confirming that there is no abnormal noise, the material can be fed.
6. Feeding should be uniform when feeding, do not impact. It is strictly forbidden to drop stones, screws and tools into this equipment.
7. If it is found that the core is not clean during use, the size of the core outlet can be controlled by operating the control gate at the core outlet, and the speed of the drive roller can be controlled by the speed regulating handwheel on the transmission reducer. Adjust for unclean conditions. After adjustment, there is no need to adjust it next time.
8. When the machine is stopped, just cut off the power supply of the reducer directly.
9. After shutdown, be sure to clean the inside and outside of the whole machine to keep it clean.
10. Regularly check whether the bearings and reducer parts are well lubricated, and regularly add lubricating oil with the specified label.

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