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Juicer for peeling oranges in half

Model Production capacityt/h Matching power kw Dimensions mm
DZJ-3 1-3 3 1200×900×2000
DZJ-5 3-5 4 1600×1000×2500
DZJ-10 10T 5.5 1900× 1000×2700
DZJ-20 20T 7.5 1900×1500×2700
A to perform a citrus conveying, cut in half and juice, juice collection and peel separation and so on many homework half a citrus fruit juicer, the device is mainly include the left driving system, conveying cut half system, right long rotating juicing system, frame, including the machine's power from the motor, citrus after left the transmission system of transmission, to the conveying system for cutting and cutting, cutting and a half After the citrus is transferred to the right multi-head rotating juicing system for juicing, juice along the groove of the pressing cone separated by the separation of the disc into the juice collection plate, the juice of the orange peel off under the action of centrifugal force is thrown out of the juicing system into the collection tank; The citrus half fruit juicer has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low labor intensity, compact structure and easy to move.
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