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Lemon cutting and peeling juicer

    Model Production capacityt/h Matching power kw Dimensions mm    
    DZJ-3 1-3 3 1200×900×2000    
    DZJ-5 3-5 4 1600×1000×2500    
    DZJ-10 10T 5.5 1900× 1000×2700    
    DZJ-20 20T 7.5 1900×1500×2700    

Lemon cutting and peeling juicer Improved design direction.  The principle of half-fruit rotating cone juice can be adopted to avoid the bitter substances and orange peel oil in citrus peel, capsule and seed from entering into the fruit juice to the maximum extent, which simplifies the processing technology of the fruit juice after pressing, and the fruit juice products are of good quality and easy to control.  The whole production process of this machine is continuous feeding, fruit feeding, cutting in half, pressing, juice, skin slag continuous completion.  

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