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Because of its extremely sour taste, lemon is the favorite food of pregnant women, so it is called Yimuguo or Yimuzi. Lemons are rich in citric acid, so they are known as "citric acid warehouses". Its fruit is juicy and fleshy and has a rich aroma. Because of its sour taste, it can only be used as a top-grade seasoning for the preparation of beverage dishes, cosmetics and medicines. In addition, lemon is rich in vitamin C, which can relieve phlegm and relieve cough, and promote fluid and stomach. For bronchitis, whooping cough, loss of appetite, vitamin deficiency, heat stroke and polydipsia, it is the nemesis of scurvy.

Regardless of the sour and slightly bitter taste of lemon, it cannot be eaten raw and fresh like other fruits, but the peel of lemon is rich in aromatic volatile components, which can promote body fluid and relieve summer heat, appetizing and refreshing the spleen. In summer, the heat and humidity are heavier, and many people are exhausted. They often have poor appetite after working or studying for a long time. Drinking a glass of lemon water, the fresh and sour taste is refreshing and can open up the appetite.

In Western food, lemon is often used as a seasoning for seafood to remove fishy odor, and Southeast Asian dishes use it to cook directly to highlight its sweet and sour taste. In the roast duck and roast goose that southern Chinese people love to eat, the condiment of lemon is also indispensable.

When making lemon juice, many people often choose to cut it in half and squeeze out the juice. Although this method is convenient, the juice extraction effect is low. For faster juicing results, we can choose our pair of roller juicers. The fruit does not need to be peeled or graded, and the juice is directly squeezed. To achieve the effect of juice residue separation, convenient and fast.

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