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Manufacturers sell multifunctional industrial juicer


Nowadays, more and more people like to drink juice, and many people will use fruit and vegetable juice to make some other delicacies, so the juicer has become a habit for modern people. Then in many food processing factories, especially fruit and vegetable processing manufacturers, the demand for juicers is also very large. Therefore, there are more and more juicer machines for sale. Our company sells industrial juicer equipment, the main types are screw juicer, belt juicer, multi-function juicer, half-cut juicer, paired roller juicer and so on. So today we will introduce this multifunctional juicer.
This juicer is actually a crushing juicer, which is a fruit and vegetable processing equipment that combines crushing and juicing. Compared with ordinary juicers, this juicer has better juicing effect, higher juicing rate and larger production capacity. Everyone must be curious, why is it so good? Then it starts with its structure.

This crushing juicer is mainly composed of frame, feed hopper, motor, crusher flying knife shaft, press main shaft, screw, skeleton, juicer, hand wheel, slag trough and other important parts.
Working principle: When working, the motor drives the main shaft of the press and the fly-knife shaft of the crusher to rotate at the same time. The material falls into the body of the juicer from the filter screen and is pressed under the advancement of the screw. The squeezed juice flows through the filter screen into the juicer at the bottom, and the waste passes through the screw and the pressure-regulating conical part. The annular gap formed between them is discharged, and the movement of the pressure regulating head along the axial direction can adjust the size of the gap. So as to achieve the purpose of automatic separation of juice and slag. It can be designed according to the actual requirements of customers.
The next thing we want to talk about is a topic that everyone is very concerned about, that is, which materials are suitable for this equipment?
The crushing and juicing unit is very suitable for the processing of various berries, pome fruits and various vegetables. Widely used in apple, pear, carrot, aloe vera, cactus and other juice extraction. It can automatically complete the processes of crushing, juicing, and slag discharge of berries, pome fruits, and vegetables. It has the advantages of novel and compact structure, energy saving and high efficiency, large production capacity and wide application range.

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