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Peach Seed Removing Machine

Production capacityt/h
Matching power kw
Dimensions mm

1, installation must be firm, and keep the frame level.
2. Before starting the machine, check whether the screws in each part are fastened.
3. Check whether the lubricating oil of the transmission reducer is normal. (Please refer to the operation manual of reducer for details)
4, clean the machine inside and outside, check whether the rotating part of the machine is flexible.
5. Switch on the transmission reducer power source, check whether the rotation direction is consistent with the rotation indicator and run for 2 minutes, confirm the same sound and other conditions before feeding.
6, feeding should be uniform feeding, do not impact. Stones, screws and tools are strictly prohibited to fall into the equipment.
7, if in the process of use is found to be dirty, through the operation of the control gate at the entrance to control the size of the entrance and through the transmission reducer speed control hand wheel drive roller speed to adjust the situation of dirty core. After good adjustment, the next use, no need to adjust.
8, stop, directly cut off the reducer power supply.
9, after stopping, be sure to clean the machine inside and outside to keep it clean.
10. Regularly check whether the bearings and reducer are well lubricated, and regularly add the specified lubricating oil.

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