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Pomegranate is the fruit of the pomegranate plant Pomegranate. Originally from the Western Regions, it was introduced to China in the Han Dynasty, mainly including agate pomegranate, pink pomegranate, green pomegranate, jade pomegranate and other varieties. Ripe pomegranate peels are bright red or pink, often cracked, revealing crystal-like gem-like seeds, sweet, sour and juicy.

Pomegranate fruit is like a red gem, the fruit is sweet and sour, delicious and juicy, with high nutritional value, rich in fruit sugar, high-quality protein, easy to absorb fat, etc., which can supplement human energy and calories without increasing the burden on the body.

There are many small seeds in pomegranate, how should we juice it? Is there a juicer specially made for pomegranates? Our high-speed beater can separate the kernels very well. It is a good pomegranate juice extractor. When the fruit is put into the first beater inlet material, the material enters the beater and then diffuses into the working cavity, and the pulped juice and meat are sent from the sieve hole through a pulping hopper to the second beater inlet material, and through the second beater Beating refines the material. The skins and seeds are discharged from the slag hoppers everywhere to achieve the purpose of automatic separation. Convenient and hassle-free.

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