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Pomegranate is the fruit of pomegranate plant. Produced in most areas of my country. It is better to have a large, red-yellow color and a sweet and sour taste. Pomegranate is sour, sweet, astringent, warm, and enters the kidney and large intestine meridians.

Therefore, many people dislike this delicious fruit because pomegranates are difficult to peel. After eating pomegranate for so many years, I learned today that pomegranate peeling can be so simple.

Let me share with you a method of peeling pomegranate skins shared by a foodie I saw. It can be done easily with just a spoon. First of all, when we choose, we have to pick it up and weigh it to feel the weight of the pomegranate. The heavy pomegranate is ripe and has a high water content. Moreover, the color of the ripe pomegranate flesh will be brighter and brighter, and the fruit edges inside are obvious and easy to peel.

Then use a fruit knife to make 4 cuts on the top of the big pomegranate, which is the flowering part, just cut it into a square, twist it gently with your hand, and break off the "mouth" on it, you can directly see that it looks like a ruby ​​inside. pulp. At the same time, you can also see the white septum inside. According to the position of the white septum, it is divided and cut on the peel. Then gently break the pulp with your hands, the pomegranate will look like a blooming flower after breaking, the septum inside will be separated from the pulp, tear off the septum with your hands, prepare a small bowl, buckle the pomegranate upside down in a bowl, then take out a spoon and tap lightly on top of the pomegranate peel.

The purpose of beating with a spoon is to completely separate the pulp from the peel, and the pulp will fall off automatically and fall into the bowl. In this way, the pulp will fall cleanly into the bowl without obeying or leaving it, and you can dig it directly with a spoon when eating. Eat it, don't worry anymore, the juice from the pomegranate peel will stick to your hands and can't be washed off. In this way, the pomegranate can be peeled in a minute, so you can enjoy it all at once!

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