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Pumpkin cleaning machine

Production capacityt/h
Matched power kw
Overall dimension mm
    ZXJ-10 5-10 8.5 3500×1300×2100    
The machine consists of frame, transmission reducer, circulating water pump, conveying hollow spiral, drum, spray pipe, nozzle, water tank, filter It is composed of parts such as tank and drain valve. Working principle: When working, the drive shaft is rotated by the reducer through the chain, and then the outer surface of the drum is driven by the power sprocket on the drive shaft The drive chain to turn the drum. After the fruit and vegetable materials enter the drum, they are rolled and cleaned under the action of the drum and high-pressure spray water, and because the inner wall of the drum is provided with a hollow spiral, it is convenient to uniformly output the materials forward. The sewage passes through the mesh on the surface of the drum, enters the sump, flows into the water filter tank, and then enters the water tank through the mesh on the filter tank, and the dirt will stay in the filter tank; the water filtered through the filter tank is Under the action of the circulating water pump, the water is sent to the spray pipe, and the material is cleaned again, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
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