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Pumpkin is the best food in this season. Pumpkin does not use pesticides and grows naturally. It is also one of the easiest fruits and vegetables to harvest. It is rich in nutrients. Every time I go to a restaurant, I believe that many people will order a bunch of it. Pumpkin juice is freshly squeezed pumpkin juice. Wash and peel the pumpkin, shred it (blocks can also be used), put water in the pot and cook together, cook until the pumpkin is soft, if it is a block, crush it with a spoon, then put some sugar, cool it and put it in a bottle, Of course, you can also drink it directly from a bowl.

Pumpkin is the favorite of many middle-aged and elderly people. Because the taste is relatively light, and there is no more fat and cholesterol, it is the first choice of health food for this group of people. Pumpkin can be made into soup or steamed, and it is very nutritious. In addition to eating like this, have you tried pumpkin juice? Many people shook their heads. In fact, pumpkin juice has many functions and effects.

Pumpkin juice is rich in nutritional value. In addition to essential amino acids such as protein, carotene, and vitamins, pumpkin also contains "cobalt", "zinc" and "iron" elements. They are one of the components that make up blood cells and can directly affect the blood. Therefore, eating more pumpkin has the effect of nourishing blood.

Pumpkin juice is rich in vitamin B12, and the lack of B12 in the human body can cause pernicious anemia. If you have anemia, you might as well choose pumpkin to replenish blood, which is economical and effective.

Because of unbalanced diet and irregular life, white-collar women are deeply troubled by gastrointestinal disorders, gastric ulcers, constipation and other diseases. In fact, this can also be improved by eating pumpkin juice. Because pumpkin contains a lot of cellulose and pectin, it has a great effect and effect on the absorption and utilization of the intestinal tract, and can strengthen the gastrointestinal motility.

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