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Pumpkin is the most common melon ingredient in life. It is divided into two types: oblate and oblong, but no matter which type of pumpkin, the skin is relatively thick, and it is a little troublesome to peel it when eating. What should I do at this time? Woolen cloth?

There are many different ways to distinguish pumpkins. To remove the flat-shaped sad skin, you can rinse it with clean water, and then use a kitchen knife to cut it into two pieces from the middle. The stainless steel spoon takes the middle of the pumpkin flesh. Pull out and remove. Then cut the pumpkin with a knife after removing the pulp into pieces, then fix each small piece on the panel, and cut the skin of the pumpkin directly with a knife.

I usually peel the oblong pumpkin. As for the difference above, it should be rinsed with water first, and then cut into 4-5 cm wide cylinders, just like the usual cuts in the market. Then use a kitchen knife to cut off the outer surface of the southern country with a kitchen knife.

The pumpkin can usually be heated and then peeled. The specific method is to add water to a boil in a pot, and then put the pumpkin into boiling water and cook for three to five minutes. At this time, the pumpkin skin will become soft, and it will be easy to peel with a knife. It's very easy to peel off the pumpkin skin.

Pumpkin can usually be steamed and then peeled. Usually, when you want to eat pumpkin puree or make pumpkin pie, you can cut the pumpkin into pieces and steam it in a pot. After steaming, its pulp will become soft. After it is taken out, the peel of the pumpkin can be completely removed by gently breaking it, and the obtained pumpkin pulp is particularly clean.

Although the peeler commonly used at home can also remove the pumpkin skin, the pumpkin skin is thicker and harder, and the peeling speed with a peeling knife will be slower. In addition to these methods, the pumpkin can also be peeled directly with a large fruit knife. But pay attention to safety during the peeling process, otherwise it is easy to cut your hands.

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