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After a summer and early autumn growth, pumpkin absorbs a lot of sunlight and is very nutritious. I personally like to eat pumpkin dishes.

In fact, pumpkin can make pumpkin porridge, pumpkin pie, steamed pumpkin, pumpkin stew and other delicious dishes. Pumpkins are commonly flat and round, and the skin is thicker, and it is more laborious to use a paring knife. If the pumpkin is tender, you don't need to peel it. Use a kitchen knife to remove any lumps on the skin, or you can use a paring knife to peel the pumpkin, and then use a spoon to scoop out the seeds inside to cook. But if the squash is older, it will need to be peeled.

Peeling the pumpkin is actually very simple. To remove the flat-shaped sad skin, you can rinse it with clean water, and then use a kitchen knife to cut it into two pieces from the middle. The stainless steel spoon takes the middle of the melon pulp and pulls it out. come out and remove. Then cut the pumpkin with a knife after removing the pulp into pieces, then fix each small piece on the panel, and cut the skin of the pumpkin directly with a knife.

Peel the oblong pumpkin. As for the difference above, you should rinse it with clean water first, and then cut it into 4-5 cm wide cylinders, just like the source of the cut pieces in the market. Then use a kitchen knife to cut the outer surface of the southern country directly along the outer edge of the southern country.

The pumpkin can usually be heated and then peeled. The specific method is to add water to a boil in a pot, and then put the pumpkin into boiling water and cook for three to five minutes. At this time, the pumpkin skin will become soft, and it will be easily peeled with a knife. Can peel the pumpkin

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