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Sesame, also known as Zhima, Flax, is the seed of flax, an annual upright herb, 60-150 cm high. It is found in tropical regions of the world as well as some temperate regions. Sesame is one of the main oil crops in China and has high application value. Its seeds contain up to 55% oil. Since ancient times, there have been many kinds of food and delicacies made with sesame and sesame oil in China, which have been famous all over the world. Sesame, known as the crown of eight valleys. Sesame is an oil crop, and the extracted oil is called sesame oil, sesame oil, and sesame oil. It is characterized by a mellow smell and can be used raw or hot.

Sesame is one of the four major edible oil crops in my country and one of the main oil crops in China. The oil extracted from sesame seeds has a fragrant smell, also known as sesame oil, which can be used as edible oil, and can also be used for medicinal purposes: as a high-quality massage oil, or as an ointment base, a slippery agent, and an antidote. Sugared sesame oil can be used to make creams and cosmetics. From the flowers and stems of sesame seeds, the spices used to make perfumes can be obtained. Hot-pressed sesame oil can be used to make carbon paper. The soot produced by burning sesame oil can make high-grade ink. The stalks of sesame can be used as fuel.

Of course, sesame seeds can also be ground into powder and stored for a long time. Black sesame needs to be cleaned first, but because of its small size, it is very troublesome to clean. It is recommended to buy a mesh screen or gauze and other items, and then you can isolate the washed sesame from the water. Spread the washed sesame seeds out to dry, then put them in the wok, turn on a small fire and stir fry slowly, when you hear a crackling sound and you can smell the fragrance, stir fry for 2-3 minutes, and you're done Turn off the fire. Cool the fried sesame seeds and put them in the food processor. Put them in the prescribed amount here. Turn on the switch and grind them into sesame powder. The sesame seeds are easy to produce oil and will stick together. Stir them with chopsticks in the middle. Rotate 5~6 times and you are done; then grind all the black sesame seeds in turn.

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