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Talk about the different ingredients and nutritional value of all kinds of drinks


Beverages can be said to be inseparable in modern people's life. No matter which country or city, you will see all kinds of people drinking all kinds of drinks in various occasions every day. Coffee drinks, fruit juice drinks, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, vegetable drinks, milk drinks, etc., with many varieties and types. So are the ingredients and nutritional value they contain similar? This is clearly not. In fact, all kinds of beverages have certain ingredients and nutrients, but the nutritional value of most beverages is very low, and some even have almost no nutritional value. It also depends on its ingredients. Below we briefly introduce a few.
Carbonated drinks: Drinks in which carbon dioxide is pressed into purified drinking water, and sweeteners and flavors are added. Among them, it is divided into: fruit juice type, which refers to carbonated beverages with an original fruit juice content of not less than 2.5% (such as orange juice soda, pineapple soda, etc.); 5% carbonated drinks (such as orange soda, lemon soda, etc.); cola type, containing cola, lemon, laurel, essence, and carbonated drinks (such as Coca-Cola soda) with caramel color or other similar spicy fruit aroma; Other types, carbonated beverages other than the above three types (such as soda water, salt soda, etc.). The above beverages contain little or no other nutrients except glycogen. Because it contains carbon dioxide, it can help digestion, and can promote the excretion of hot air in the body, resulting in a cool and refreshing feeling, and has a certain bactericidal function, and can also replenish water.

Fruit juice beverage: It is a fruit juice or mixed fruit juice products obtained by mechanical processing from fresh or refrigerated fruits with moderate maturity, or products obtained by adding ingredients such as sugar liquid and sour agent. The finished product can be drunk directly or after dilution. This type of beverage is also divided into original fruit juice, fresh fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice and fruit juice syrup. Fruit juice drink is an ideal drink with rich nutrition and easy digestion, and because it is rich in organic acids, it can stimulate gastrointestinal secretion, aid digestion, and also make the upper part of the small intestine acidic to help the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. However, because the juice contains a certain amount of water, it is unstable, easy to ferment and mold, so special attention should be paid to the shelf life and storage conditions of such beverages, and only those that meet the hygienic quality can drink.
Vegetable juice beverages: various vegetable juice products obtained after degassing, homogenizing and sterilizing one or more fresh vegetable juices (or refrigerated vegetable juices), fermented vegetable juices with salt or sugar and other ingredients, with certain nutritional value .
Milk-containing beverages: including (1) milk beverages obtained by using fresh milk or dairy products as raw materials and adding ingredients such as sugar, fruit juice (or water, cocoa, coffee), edible flavors and colorants; (2) lactic acid bacteria or yeast for fresh milk or dairy products Fermentation, a paste or liquid product prepared by adding sugar, edible flavor and other ingredients, and a beverage diluted with water as a raw material.

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