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tomato processing steps


Tomato fruit is rich in nutrients and of good quality. In addition to containing a variety of vitamins, it also contains high organic acids. Due to the action of organic acids, the nutrients such as vitamin C in its processed products can be better preserved. It is a vegetable that is very suitable for processing, and it is also a vegetable with a large amount of processing in the world. At present, most of the foreign tomato production is used for processing.

Generally speaking, the technological process of agricultural technology is material selection → seed removal → preheating → pulping → batching → degassing → homogenization → canning → sterilization → cooling → finished product.

So what exactly should be done?

Choose fruits with thick flesh and less juice, full red color, and not ripe enough, and remove fruits with insufficient maturity, diseases and insect pests, and unqualified damage. Pre-cook the washed tomato fruit in nearly boiling water for about 1 minute, cool it immediately, and peel off the skin of the tomato.

Dig and slit the stem at the stalk, and squeeze out the juice lightly. Put the fruit blank into 0.30% calcium chloride solution and soak for 2 hours. Wash the hardened fruit embryo with water, remove the fruit embryo, and drain the water. Drain the tomato embryo, soak it in 30% sugar solution for 24 hours, add 0.30% citric acid to the sugar solution. Pour the candied tomatoes together with the dipping liquid into the jacketed pot, slowly heat up to boiling, and after about half an hour, put the fruit juice together with the boiled sugar liquid in the Zihong and soak for 12-24 hours. Soak repeatedly for 2-3 times, increasing the concentration of sugar solution each time. When the concentration of the boiled sugar solution reaches 65%, stop the fire, pour it into the oxygen for 8-10 hours, spell out the tomato fruit and drain the sugar solution. This way the tomato is finished.

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