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Vegetables are part of people's life, vegetables contain the nutrition people need, not only can provide water, but also provide a lot of nutrition elements, is the food people often eat every day. Now many people like to juice vegetables, especially the elderly and children to eat more convenient, so vegetable juice machine has been rapid development. Let's talk about the correct use of vegetable juicer and pay attention to the point.

The position of the juicer should not be tilted, and should be firmly placed, not loose, the position should not be changed. Check whether the props and filters of the juicer are firm before use, and confirm that the cup body is firmly installed and confirmed. Before juicing, food or vegetables should be cut into pieces suitable for the entrance of the juicer and then put into the juicer. Start the machine and make sure the motor is running properly. Push the food into the cup at a constant speed and avoid going too fast or too fast to be dangerous. After the food is processed, remove the power and then pour the processed food out. Carefully clean all parts inside and outside the juicer to avoid water flowing into the motor. After the juicer is cleaned, it should be completely dried in the shade in a ventilated place with less direct sunlight.

The use of vegetable juicer should be paid attention to. In order to better extract vegetable juice, do not press the pusher in the process of juicing at a high speed, but need to press it gradually. Power off when cleaning, and do not use grinding cleaning tools, which will damage the surface of the product.

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