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What is a beverage?


Every day we see people of all kinds drinking different beverages. Some beverages are bought in supermarkets, and some are made in beverage stores. The colors are very beautiful. special. We see that there are different colors of beverages, so most of them are mainly added with pigments. Of course, there are also some conscientious merchants who use fruits to make beverages, and the natural "pigments" are more pure and fruity. Although everyone has seen and drank beverages, what do you know about beverages? What is a beverage
Beverages are liquids for human consumption, which are packaged in a quantitative manner, for direct drinking or brewed or brewed with water in a certain proportion, and products with an ethanol content (mass weight) not exceeding 0.5%. Beverages can also be classified as beverages In thick slurry or solid form, its function is to quench thirst, replenish energy and other functions.

Our common beverages generally include soft drinks, sherbet, tea, pulp, soup, fruit wine, dairy products, coffee and so on. That beverage is generally a processed liquid suitable for human or livestock consumption, especially to quench thirst, provide nourishment, or refresh. The production of good beverages must first find good raw materials. Fruit and vegetable beverages need to find juicy, sweet and fresh fruit-flavored raw materials. Of course, dairy products are very important. Coffee is the selection of coffee beans and the fineness of the grinding process.
Drinking beverages is also divided into people. The beverages that young people like are generally carbonated beverages, functional beverages, fruit and vegetable juice beverages. Like older people, they like mainly healthy beverages. In addition to fruit and vegetable juices, there is health tea. Classes, or even rice milk, beans or other grains as raw materials. For example, rice wine, wine, soy milk, sesame milk, walnut juice, etc.
In short, there are too many types of beverages. Simply put, we can divide them into alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages. Needless to say, everyone knows alcoholic beverages, so non-alcoholic beverages generally include carbonated beverages, fruit and vegetable juice beverages, protein beverages, packaged drinking water, tea beverages, coffee beverages, solid beverages, etc.

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