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What is the price of small and medium juicer machine


Juicer machine price is a topic of concern to everyone.So how much do these small appliance juicers cost? In fact, different brands have different prices. Ordinary ones are cheaper, which may range from tens of yuan to more than 100 yuan, but the price of brand juicers is slightly higher, generally more than 100, more than 200, and even some It is also as high as seven or eight hundred, and there are also thousands of yuan. So obviously, the juice squeezed out by good equipment is delicate and delicious, with less impurities and low waste rate. However, some ordinary juicers are also very cost-effective.
So what is the price of small and medium-sized juicers?
Small and medium-sized juicers are generally used for commercial and industrial purposes. Compared with small household appliances, small and medium-sized industrial juicers are slightly larger. Generally, industrial juicers are commonly used in screw juicers, double-screw juicers, double-screw juicers, and belt juicers. Type juicer, halved juicer, broken juicer, etc. Of course, the price of these juicers is also different. To choose a suitable juicer, we first need to look at the material. Some materials have cores, so the effect of ordinary juicers is not ideal, so it is better to use a de-nucleated juicer, which can be done in one step, eliminating the tedious steps in the middle. Then the price of commercial and industrial juicers is also high and low, ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. Today we will introduce several types of juicers for you to choose from.
The screw juicer is generally suitable for squeezing the juice of crushed pome fruit such as pineapple, apple and pear. The difference between a screw juicer and a regular juicer is that the traditional centrifugal juicer is the juice that is thrown away after the pulp is chopped. The smaller the mesh, the finer the juice. Juice residues remain in the machine and are troublesome to clean. A large number of teeth and fine filters need to be carefully brushed with a brush, and care should be taken to prevent the blade from scratching.

The half-cut juicer is a new type of orange juice extraction equipment, suitable for continuous automatic juice extraction of citrus, lemon and orange whole fruit. The whole fruit of citrus, lemon and orange after grading and oil extraction is sent to the machine, and the whole fruit is automatically cut into two halves continuously and automatically through the bowl conveying mechanism, and then sent to the left and right vertical drums for juice extraction. And can automatically separate the peel juice residue. This machine is a continuous automatic rotary cone juice, with advanced structure, stable transmission and high production efficiency. Since the skin and slag will not be broken in the process of conical juice, the juice quality is high. High juice yield.
The crushing and juicing unit is a device that integrates crushing and juicing. It is mainly suitable for the processing of various berries, pome fruits and various vegetables. Widely used in apple, pear, carrot, aloe vera, cactus and other juice extraction. It can automatically complete the processes of crushing, juicing, and slag discharge of berries, pome fruits, and vegetables. It has the advantages of novel and compact structure, energy saving and high efficiency, large production capacity and wide application range.
Belt juicer, also known as belt press, is widely used in fruit and vegetable juice extraction and environmental protection process. Used for apple juice extraction, the juice yield is as high as 75-78%, which is 35% higher than that of other domestic models. It has the characteristics of energy saving, automatic feeding and discharging, continuous operation, sufficient pressing, and low moisture content of the filter cake.
The roller juicer is suitable for juicing kumquat, lemon, grapefruit, orange, pineapple, ginger, passion fruit, dragon fruit, mangosteen, citrus and other fruits. The fruit does not need to be peeled or graded, and the juice can be directly squeezed. The machine is mainly composed of three counter-pressing rollers, a feeding hopper, a juice hopper, a leather hopper, a frame, and a transmission. When working, turn on the power supply and pour the material into the feeding hopper. The material is first squeezed and broken by the first and second pressing rollers, and then enters the first and third pressing rollers for juice extraction. Discharge, juice and part of the meat are discharged from the juice hopper, so as to achieve the purpose of juicing.

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