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Which drink is better for small children?


Many people like to drink beverages, usually the taste and sweetness can make people feel happy. Well, in fact, all kinds of beverages are not all very delicious, or suitable for oneself or family members. Like a child, how do you choose a drink? Adult drinks are not for them. More careful consideration should be given to the ingredients of beverages. It is healthier to use some natural green elements such as fruit and vegetable juices. After all, children need to be cared for.
A kind of drinks should be both delicious and healthy. In addition to careful selection of raw materials such as fruits and vegetables, the selection of fruit and vegetable processing machinery and equipment used in production is also very important. Then this kind of fruit and vegetable juice drink, which is carefully selected from raw materials to production equipment, is more suitable for children.

For example, children love to drink blueberry juice, so there are many equipments used in this production line from cleaning to juice extraction to beverages. For example, blueberry fruit sorting machine, blueberry washing machine, blueberry conveyor, blueberry peeling and seeding pulping machine, blueberry juicer, etc. Of course, there are also filtration equipment, concentration equipment, sterilization equipment, filling equipment and so on. Then the blueberry single-pass beater, which is widely used, is very good. Its characteristics and uses will be clear to everyone.

The beater is suitable for the beating and separation of crushed tomatoes, kiwi fruit, strawberries, apples, pears, and pre-cooked and softened fruits such as hawthorn and jujube. The MDJ type pitting beater not only conforms to the scope of application of the DJ type beater, but also is suitable for the pitting and beating separation of various stone fruits. And has the following characteristics:
1. Automatic separation of pulp and slag.
2. It can be combined on the production line or produced by a single machine.
3. The parts in contact with the material are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is in line with food hygiene.
The structure of the blueberry single-pass beater is as follows:

Blueberry single-pass beater structure:
1. Transmission cover 2, sleeve shaft 3, shaft seat 4, rear cylinder cover 5, baffle plate 6, cylinder body 7, spline shaft 8, screen 9, adjusting seat 10, scraper 11, cylinder front cover 12 ,frame

Then there are more details about the blueberry juice processing equipment we will continue to introduce to you later.

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