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Banana chips are dried bananas that are peeled and cut into pieces, which are easy to store and eat. Dried banana is what we often call banana chips, which is a very popular snack. Dried bananas are mainly made of Nalongjiao, the main banana variety cultivated in Guangxi, and are made by hot air drying.

In order to allow people in the north to eat the fruits in the south, in addition to implementing a set of scientific storage and transportation measures, the ripe bananas that can no longer be stored or transported can be processed into dried bananas at or near the place of origin. This not only reduces economic losses due to decay, but also adjusts the market and increases revenue. The main banana variety cultivated in Guangxi is taken as the raw material, and the hot air drying method is adopted. Sweet and crispy dried bananas, the pulp is very slender and melts when chewed, suitable for all ages

Banana chips contain a lot of protein and minerals. Regular consumption can maintain the balance of sodium and potassium in the body, diuresis, reduce swelling and regulate blood pressure. Banana chips are rich in sugars, which provide energy to the body when eaten. After eating banana chips, it is easy to feel full, so that we have no desire to eat other foods, and it can also accelerate the peristalsis of the stomach and promote the excretion of excess garbage and harmful substances in the body. Eating banana chips can provide energy for the body, and can also help to eliminate excess substances and play a role in weight loss.

Banana chips have the effect of losing weight, so many women will often eat banana chips, but it is best not to eat them during menstruation. Because banana chips are cold foods, eating cold foods during menstruation will block the discharge of blood flow, which is prone to blood clots and even dysmenorrhea. Therefore, during menstruation, be sure not to eat banana chips.

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