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Jiangsu Hanlong Machinery Manufacturing Co. LTD
Factory address: Jiangyin Park, Jingjiang city, Jiangsu Province, South of Erwei Port along the river highway

Business Center: No. 18, Jian ‘an Road, Jingjiang city, Jiangsu Province (6F, Dahongyun Business Center)

Rp: 0523-84888996

Fax: 0523-84880586

Email address: hl@jshanlong.com

The Ministry of Commerce:

Contact person: Mr. Xue 18944828889

Email address: xzw@jshanlong.com

Contact person: Mr. Zhu 13515164488

Email address: zq@jshanlong.com

The ministry of foreign trade:

Contact person: Mr. Wang 18961025500

Email address: wcy@jshanlong.com


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