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When buying lychees, no matter what variety, remember these 5 points, they are sweet and juicy


Every year in May and June, when many summer fruits are on the market in large quantities, the most popular fruit supermarkets sell during this time are lychees. Lychee, also known as Danli and Lizhi; together with banana, pineapple and longan, it is known as the "Four Fruits in the South". The peel of lychee has scaly and mottled protrusions, bright red in color, rich in nutrients, and the pulp is translucent and creamy, juicy and delicious.

1. Look at the color
The color of fresh lychees is generally not very bright. Different lychees have different colors. Most varieties are dark red when they mature, but there is a variety of lychees that are also green when they mature. This variety is Feizixiao. Even with high maturity, it is greenish. Therefore, when buying lychees, you cannot simply choose red ones, and blue ones are also delicious. The lychee, which is extremely bright in color without any variegation, may have been artificially processed.
When we choose lychees, we should choose the color of cyan with red. The better lychees are both red and cyan. The red lychees themselves are signs of maturity, and a little cyan indicates that they have just matured soon. Such lychees are relatively fresh and just ripe.
Second, the touch
When picking, you can squeeze lightly in your hand first. A good lychee should feel tight and elastic. If it feels soft or feels hollow under the skin of the lychee, it is not elastic. It is better not to take risks. From picking to fruit shop, lychees have gone through a long journey of transportation. If they are not handled properly, the surface of the peel will be damaged to a certain extent. Observe when buying lychees. Do not buy lychees with yellowed, damaged or cracked peels.
3. Look at the shape
If you want to choose lychees with a thick meat and a small core, you must choose those lychees with a pointed top, and those with a rounded top generally have a larger core. Moreover, the density of the cracks on the epidermis is relatively high, indicating that the lychee is not mature enough, otherwise it is a mature lychee. If the cracks on the shell of the lychee are flat and the seams are obvious, the taste will be very sweet.
Fourth, the suture is clearly centered
If you look closely, you can see that the lychee actually has a suture. Fresh lychee sutures are distinct, neither deep nor shallow. When peeling, press lightly, and the lychee will crack. If it is too dark, it means that the lychee is not ripe, and if it is too light, it is overripe.
Five, smell
Lychees have the characteristics of "color changes in one day, fragrance changes in the second day, flavor changes in the third day, and the color and fragrance disappear in the fourth day". If it smells, lychees are fragrant, then you can choose it. If it has a sour or irritating taste, it means it has deteriorated. If it has a pungent taste, don’t buy it.
According to the above five points, from color to appearance to taste, the color is attractive and not black, the shape is well-proportioned and orderly, and the smell is fresh and comfortable. Such a lychee is a good lychee!

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