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The efficacy and role of avocado


Avocado is an evergreen tree, also known as avocado, avocado, avocado, camphor pear, etc., scientific name Persea americana. The country of origin is Mexico and Central America, but after it was widely grown in California, the world's largest producer of avocados became California. Avocados are grown in tropical and subtropical regions all over the world. The most cultivated are in the southern United States, Guatemala, Mexico and Cuba, and three major populations of Mexico, Guatemala and West Indies have also been formed. There is also a small amount of cultivation in China, mainly in Guangdong (Guangzhou, Shantou, Haikou), Fujian (Fuzhou, Zhangzhou), Taiwan, Yunnan (Xishuangbanna) and Sichuan (Xichang) and other places.

Because avocado is rich in nutrients and has a lot of benefits to the human body, it is regarded as a fruit treasure in the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries and regions. There are four main functions and functions of avocado.
1. Lower cholesterol
Avocados contain high amounts of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that can replace saturated fat in the diet, thereby reducing cholesterol levels.
2. Beauty and skin care
Avocado is rich in vitamins and vegetable oils, which are very good for the skin. It has functions such as moisturizing, exfoliating, and sun protection. Most of the advanced cosmetics contain avocado ingredients. Avocados can also be cut open and used as a face mask to eliminate eye bags.
3. Prevention of vascular malformations in infants
Eating avocados is also a good source of folic acid. Folic acid is an important vitamin that prevents congenital neural tube defects in fetuses and reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease in adults.
4. Protect the digestive system
Avocados are high in fiber because soluble fiber removes excess cholesterol from the body, while insoluble fiber helps keep your digestive system functioning properly and prevents constipation.

Applicable people of avocado
Avocados can be eaten by the general population, especially for women, children, the elderly, and occupational groups during pregnancy, lactation or menopause.
Women eat avocados to balance estrogen, lose excess weight from childbirth, protect the uterus and cervix, and prevent cervical cancer.
The elderly and infirm can eat avocado, which can regulate the body, supplement nutrition, help reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, lower cholesterol, lower blood lipids, and protect the liver.
Office workers sitting in front of computers can eat avocados. Because it is rich in vitamins A, E and B2, it has a protective effect on the eyes.
Dieters can eat avocados. Avocados are rich in nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Because of its high density, its digestion speed is very slow, and it can maintain a feeling of fullness for a long time, so it can reduce the amount of food eaten, and ultimately achieve the purpose of reducing calorie intake.

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