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Carrot crushing juicer maintenance method, some people do not like to eat carrots, but carrots contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients the human body needs, so for those who do not like to eat carrots and fresh vegetable juice is a good choice. Carrot crushing juicers have appeared in many homes, but do you know how to maintain a carrot crushing juicer? Let's look at a simple one: 1, before use, the cutter and centrifugal filter should be tightened first, centrifugal filtration, and then the box should be placed on a fixed basis and the cutter should be opened again. 2. Wait until the motor starts normally and return to the food. 3, reduce the food should not be too large, too thick or difficult, so as not to damage the cutter and motor overload. 4. Centrifugal cages should not store too much food. If there is too much powder, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise it will cause vibration. 5. The juicer always keeps the inside and outside of the body clean. Clean carefully after each use. But when cleaning, the bottom of the juicer should be rinsed according to the tap, and also not soaked in water, so as not to affect the basic electrical insulation performance of the part.
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